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9 Lunchtime Tips for Eating Out

If you don’t have a cafeteria or time to bring a healthy lunch from home, follow these eat right tips when eating out:

  1. If you can, choose restaurants with healthier menu options and order those options.
  2. Try a vegetarian option, such as a grilled vegetable Panini or wrap with fresh vegetables and hummus. Avoid vegetarian options that are overloaded with cheese, which can have lots of calories and fat.
  3. Opt for grilled meat, fish, and poultry rather than fried.
  4. Order a salad with the dressing on the side. Watch out for main dish salads with a lot of cheese or fried meats and toppings. Ask for less cheese and grilled meats.
  5. Order the smallest sandwich, or even get the kid’s size. Skip anything called “double.” Go for the 6-inch sub rather than the foot-long option.
  6. Ask if whole wheat is an option for buns and bread.
  7. Opt for fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, or low-fat yogurt as side dishes.
  8. Order broth-based vegetable or bean soup rather than creamy soups.
  9. Choose sugar-free drinks, such as water (best choice!), unsweetened tea, coffee, or diet soda.

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