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ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS: 5 Ways to Stay Happy & Healthy

By Whole Foods Market!

Don’t just focus on the big holiday meal. There are a lot more “regular” days in a month than there are holidays and you need to eat on those days too. That means you have lots of opportunities to make healthy choices for those non-holiday meals. Try and get a routine down that’s simple and easy to stick to.


Host a Holiday Potluck. Want to throw a dinner party but is the menu daunting? What about a potluck holiday party? Come up with a theme and have your friends create dishes that will go together.I find it fun to order an awesome entrée and work the menu around that. Your friends can order some fun appetizers or side dishes to complement the entrée!


Celebrate around activities, not just food. It seems that activity and exercise are the first things to get tossed when our schedules get busy. Why not celebrate with friends and family by participating in some fun outdoor winter activities instead of just cocktails and hors d’oeuvres? Depending on your local climate you could go for a walk, meet in the park and play football or Frisbee, go ice skating, hit the slopes for a weekend or even organize an outdoor cleanup to bond over doing good for your neighborhood.


Make over your schedule. You really don’t have to say yes to every single party, cocktail hour or pub crawl you’re invited to this holiday season. We all know that everyone is really busy. Your friends will still be your friends even if you just want to stay home and watch a movie in your pjs.


Cook and swap.  Do you have friends that like to bake and cook? Try a cookie swap. Each person bakes a big batch of their special cookie and on one night you get together and share cookies with others. Taking home a big variety when you just baked one batch is super fun and a lot less stressful than making a dozen kinds of cookies on your own. For inspiration, take a look at our baking tips! Make sure you discuss guidelines before cooking to address food allergies and dietary concerns.


See, you can have a good time during the holidays and while keeping your health a priority. It’s better for you and better for everyone around you.

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