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Running as a Family

Fall is here! Leaves are starting to fall, everything is pumpkin and by now you’re probably already looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Have you and your family signed up for the Y Turkey Trot Charity 5K yet? It’s a great way to kick off the holiday, gathered with family (even your pup is invited!), friends and neighbors for a morning full of community, fresh air and exercise – all for a good cause!

Training for the Turkey Trot is the perfect way to get moving with your whole family. To get you started, here are few tips for running with your kids (even those in strollers!) and your dogs:

  • Start slow and short: if you’re just starting to run with a stroller and or a pet on a leash, you’ll want to ease everyone in. Pick a small loop near your house (or Y Center) to test your gear and everyone’s temperament. As with any training plan, it’s best to start with small intervals, then build distance or time gradually.
  • Snacks! Water! The essentials: If you have kids, you know how clutch snacks can be. You’ll also want to have water for yourself (those strollers get heavy) and your pup. As the weather gets cooler, don’t forget a coat and a blanket for the kiddos. Riding in a stroller with the wind in their face as you zip around can get cold! P.S. – Don’t forget bags to clean up after your dog. You know it’s going to happen 🙂
  • Do your homework: Talk to your pediatrician before you start running with an infant. Children should be at least 6 months old and have good head control before accompanying you on runs. If you’re recently post-partum, make sure you’re cleared to run as well.As for your dog, puppies should be 18 months or older to ensure proper bone development. It’s also worth noting that breeds with short, squished noses are more susceptible to overheating and cannot take in enough oxygen to accommodate strenuous physical exertion.

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