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Foam Rolling for Runners

You’ve probably heard a lot about foam rolling lately. Now that you’re training for a 5k, you’re probably wondering if you should be foam rolling, too. Yes, you should! Foam rolling doesn’t take as long as you might think. They key is to find your tender spots and hold the position for 30-60 seconds to create the muscle release. That’s it? That’s it! Foam rolling can be done as part of your workout warm-up and cool down. Using the foam roller during a warm-up helps stimulate blood flow; during the cool down, foam rolling helps flush out toxins, aiding in recovery.

There are many different types of foam rollers available. Some look like a big log or a fat pool noodle and others are handheld, resembling batons. You should aim to spend about 5 minutes foam rolling per day and the most common muscles to foam roll include quadriceps, calves, hamstrings and your IT (Iliotibial) Band. For video demonstrations, try this guide from Runner’s World.

Many Y Personal Trainers are knowledgeable on the topic and many of our centers have an array of foam rollers for you to try!

Happy rolling!

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