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Four Valuable Turkey Trot Fundraising Lessons You Can Learn from Hocus Pocus

Here at Turkey Trot HQ, we love a good fall movie. Our favorite you ask? Why Hocus Pocus, of course! This 1993 Halloween cult-classic tells the story of three witches (the Sanderson Sisters) returning home to Salem after being resurrected by a group of young kids on Halloween. From catchy songs to tie-dye shirts (Max: no), this movie pretty much has it all – including some valuable lessons you can apply to your Turkey Trot fundraising efforts.

  1. Persistence is key

Remember when older-brother Max tells his adorable little sister Dani that he won’t take her trick-or-treating? Luckily, thanks to her persistence (and epic set of vocal cords) she gets her own way like an absolute boss. The lesson here? Don’t be deterred if your fundraising campaign starts off slowly. You need to give it time to develop. If you ask for donations over Facebook but have no luck, why not try a personal email to your close family and friends or make the ask in person? For a bit of extra support, you can find some helpful fundraising resources on our website and by logging into your Classy account.

  1. When asking for support be as enthusiastic and passionate as possible

In order to put a spell on the ENTIRE town of Salem, the Sanderson Sisters performed an ENTIRE song and dance to do so. Seriously, re-watch this scene; they sing, they dance, and they DO MAGIC! So, when you’re asking for a donation, remember to share with your potential donors the reasons why it’s important to you and the impact their donation will make in the local community. Even a small donation will make a huge difference!

  • $38 gives a day of Y Preschool to a child living in poverty, helping them to discover the joys of learning and prepare them for success in kindergarten and beyond.
  • $120 gives a series of Y Swim Lessons to a child in the community, teaching them water safety and helping to develop a lifelong love of swimming.
  • $253 sends a child living in poverty to camp for a week, giving them safety, fun and learning while school’s out.

Pro tip: the more passion in your ask = the more magical your fundraising total will be.

  1. Teamwork is the goods

Just as Max (the new kid on the block), Allison (the cool girl), Dani (Max’s little sister), and Thackery Binx (the talking cat) work together to stop the Sanderson Sisters from becoming immortal, you too can work together with your friends and family to achieve fundraising success. If you haven’t registered yet, why not put together a fundraising team and work toward a goal together?

  1. Do it yourself (warning: spoiler alert)

Just as Max dramatically chooses to drink a vial of potion to protect his sister from the witches, fundraising sometimes requires you to take matters into your own hands. Now while we aren’t suggesting you do anything THAT intense, we recommend donating to your own page first to show your friends and family that you’re dedicated to raising funds.

So, there you have it! Four ways Hocus Pocus can help you run a successful fundraising campaign this Turkey Trot season. Do you have any fundraising tips you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear them. Please leave them in the comments.

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