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Let’s talk about cross-training!

Now that you’re signed up for the Y Turkey Trot Charity 5K (hopefully! Have you registered yet?), it’s time to start training! Did you know that there is more to training for a race than just increasing your mileage until you hit that magical distance of 3.1 miles?

Let’s talk about cross-training!

Seasoned runners may groan at the mention. For some, cross-training is like broccoli – you may not always like it, but it’s important to recognize how good it is for you!

So, what is cross-training and why do it?

Cross-training is anything you can do to enhance your running. Running works the same muscles over and over, creating muscle imbalances, and cross-training helps eliminate those imbalances. Any other form of exercise – cycling, swimming, yoga, strength training, and even walking – is considered cross-training.

In any workout regimen, you should aim for a couple cross-training sessions per week, so this is a great time to join that water aerobics class you’ve had your eye on, or find your Zen with yoga. Plus, it’s fun to try something new!

For a full schedule of classes or to chat to any of our friendly trainers, stop by the welcome desk or view schedules online.

Not a Y member yet?

Good news! Your registration for the Y Turkey Trot Charity 5K kicks-off your complimentary Y membership – good for up to 30 days until December 31, 2019! Just register for the Turkey Trot, then stop by any Y Center with a copy of your receipt (email or printed) to activate your free Y membership today! Offer not available to current Y members.

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