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Running with Strollers

Planning on running the Y’s Turkey Trot Charity 5K with your little one in a stroller? We’ve got some tips to help your family have the best experience possible! Here are a couple things to keep in mind for running and training with strollers.

Comfort! Make sure your little one is old enough that their neck can support their head to withstand any jostling and/or bumps in the road. Check the weather forecast before you head out, and remember that although you’ll be working up a sweat, you’ll child will be staying still and catching a cool breeze! Consider timing your run after your child’s meal so that they are content and maybe ready for a nap. Also, make your load a little lighter by packing a mini diaper bag for any “just in case” incidents.

Take care of yourself and be aware of your running form. There are different techniques for pushing a jogging stroller. Some people prefer to push with one hand on the handles and one hand free. Make sure to switch arms evenly. Others may push with both hands on the stroller. Finally, you may want to continuously push the stroller out from you and chase after it (the stroller’s wrist strap will prevent the stroller from getting too far too fast!). No matter how you push, remember to stay upright – not hunched over the handles.

Safety! Jogging strollers exist for a reason and safety is a big one. The special wheels help steady the stroller and offer a smoother ride for children. Make sure your jogging stroller has a wrist strap, so that in case of emergency, you’ll stay connected to your stroller. This is particularly important if you’re running downhill. Pay particular attention to the logistics of your running route – watch out for uneven sidewalks, traffic patterns and visibility. Finally, inspect your stroller, especially the wheels, before each run. Make sure the tires are properly inflated and not showing signs of wear and that there are no loose screws or missing parts.

Have fun! Running with a stroller is a great workout, and a great way for you to incorporate exercise into a busy schedule. It also shows children the importance of exercise, and is a great way for you to spend time together. Children love going for a ride, getting fresh air, and seeing new things while you get your workout in!

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  1. Raquel says:

    It is definitely important to keep the whole family fit.
    Here are a few things you should consider when jogging /running with a stroller. First and foremost, comfort is key .Always ensure that the infant is old neck can support their head to endure any bumps in the road. Safety should also be a big consideration .Ensure that your jogging stroller has a wrist strap, so that in case of an emergency, you’ll still be connected to your stroller.

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