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Your Thanksgiving Meal Checklist

Thanksgiving is a time for appreciation, celebration — and a very long to-do list if you’re hosting the meal. Our friends at Whole Foods Market have put together a checklist for how to get started with your Thanksgiving planning!

  • Reserve your turkey and other essentials now for easy pick up in store later. The deadline is November 21. (We can help you pick the right size turkey and type for your gathering.)
  • Choose a Thanksgiving menu. Bookmark the pages or print recipes, as needed.
  • Make three shopping lists—one for non-perishables that can be bought more than a week in advance, one for longer-lasting perishables to be purchased a few days before, and a third for ingredients bought the day before Thanksgiving. Visit our servings calculator to figure out exactly how much you need before you shop.
  • Take inventory of your silverware, serving bowls, plates and linens. Make sure you have enough to serve the number of guests you’re expecting!
  • Make sure you have the kitchen equipment you’ll need such as a large roasting pan, roasting rack, meat thermometer (preferably instant-read), turkey baster or brush, pie plates, etc.

Check back here, to the Official Y Turkey Trot blog, all month for more tips and tricks on how to rock your Thanksgiving dinner!

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