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The Treadmill

Are you familiar with “the dreadmill?” We’ve all had that run. You know, each minute feels like an hour and you think you’ll never be done? For a lot of runners, the treadmill can be especially challenging to your mental game. On those days, think of the advantages of treadmill running…

  • The weather is almost always perfect inside…no rain showers, no icy roads, heat and air conditioning are readily available and you’ll never trip on a sidewalk crack!
  • You can read or watch tv while you run.
  • There’s that nifty cup holder so you always have water at your fingertips.
  • It’s safe, and your whole family can come to the Y with you…there’s something for everyone!

Not buying what we’re selling? Distract yourself! Here are some ideas to help beat boredom:

  • Netflix and chill? Make it Netflix and treadmill! Catching up on your favorite shows or discovering a new favorite is a great way to make your time on the treadmill fly by!
  • Change the speed and/or incline. Upping your speed or incline for intervals of time or distance is a great way to challenge your body and your brain. Try increasing your speed by .10 every minute for 5 minutes and then work your way back down. Then try increasing your incline by 1 for a quarter of a mile, then go back to 0 and repeat a few times. Modify as needed for your fitness and ability level.
  • Bring a book! You can increase the font size on a Kindle or iPad to be able to see the print more easily (and with a larger font, you’ll be turning pages faster!). Prefer paper? Hardback books and magazines are generally easier to manage while running.
  • Learn a new language! Apps like Duolingo are free. Why not use your treadmill time to learn something new?

Happy running!

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